2018 Goals: Blogging And Life

Happy New Year Everyone!

I know it’s the 10th, but we’re still kind of at the beginning of the year! Since my last post was all about my reflection of 2017, I thought I would share with you my 2018 goals. I am one of those people who love writing down goals at the beginning of the year as it helps me get organised and prioritise what I want to achieve most. So, let’s get started!



Health is always my number one priority. After a health scare last year and one major operation to remove a borderline ovarian tumour, fallopian tube, ovary and ovarian cyst later, I am currently waiting for a second operation to remove my appendix to prevent a tumour coming back. All of these things were completely out of my control and were just very rare, freak things to happen. However, having a scare like that makes you realise how precious our health is and what a blessing it is to be alive. This year, I want to nourish the body that keeps me alive and the mind that keeps me strong through continuing to eat my healthy, plant-based diet but by also taking some more “me” time. I am a busy bee. I am a full-time teaching assistant, a part-time university student and in between all that I fit in blogging/socialising and general life mumblings. This year, I am going to make sure I prioritise me.



As you may or may not know, I have only just started up El Stavo in replacement of my old blog “Miss Elizabeth Shannon” as I wanted to create something more authentic to who I am and put a lot more time, money, energy and effort in to my blog. I am so proud of my new website/blog and I have so many plans for all the content I am going to create this year. I have no set figures in mind, I just want to grow my blog as much as possible and share my passion with others.  I also need to refine my photography skills and make good use of my camera! I am not the most tech savvy lady, but a girl can learn and learn I shall!  I wanted to create something elegant and professional and I feel I am well on my way to achieving that, but its only the beginning! I am excited to see where 2018 takes me and what the future may hold for “El Stavo”.

Social Media And YouTube

Something I have always struggled with is social media. Let’s face it, all i really post about is my cat, which is totally fine and I will always post pictures of my gorgeous Gustavo, but I would like to grow in confidence and share a bit more of my life and learn how to use socials to my advantage to help out my blog. This will mean lots of posting regularly and being very organised. With my busy schedule, this will be quite hard, but with a bit of planning, I believe I can do it! Here are my links! (I am currently following back every one so I can get some new blogger friends and feel inspired by all the wonderful creatives out there, so do let me know if you would like me to follow/subscribe to you!) I also have a YouTube channel. I am quite shy when it comes to putting myself online like that as it feels so intimate, but i do genuinely enjoy it and I have a couple of vlogs up! I would like to vlog more this year as I really enjoy looking back at my year and all the things I have done so please subscribe! Last year i reached 100 subscribers which I thought was amazing considering I only did three videos! I expect to do many, many, many more this year! Especially in the summer holidays as I get 6 weeks off of work! <3


I am currently studying my science degree part-time alongside working full-time so my stress levels are very, very high in terms of how much I am asking my brain to work. I love my degree (Health Sciences) and I would like to get 1st’s in as many assignments as possible! So I want to set designated study time! Amazingly, I do not already do this which I feel is really holding me back. I hope to finish first year with at least a 2.1! So I best get studying!

Money- I need to save. I know everyone says this, but I really want to do it more. It is always good to have a safety net but I also want to build up a deposit for a house. I obviously will not achieve this in 2018 as it will take a few years in my current job to save up enough for that, but i can make a start!

Friends I want to see my friends more! Finding a time where we can all meet is super hard, especially when I have so many commitments. Spending time with good friends is essential to happiness in my opinion, so I want to prioritise this as well.


Thats it for my 2018 goals! Please make sure to share and subscribe! Thank you for reading!

Love El xox


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